StormDragon SeriesDragonFire Systems   

There is a reason these systems are named after dragons.  We like building really fast computers.  Our desktops have huge heatsinks or Water cooling so that we can push our systems to the limit.  The DragonHeart Series are so named because they are fast and  powerful computers.  Each has a heart like pump that pushes coolant through it's veins cooling it's core.  We not only cool the core, we really cool the CPU by pumping huge amounts of liquid through massive hoses recirculating the  entire system every 5 seconds.  That's  a lot of cooling power!  When it comes to portable computers, not even fastest laptops suited our need for power so we invented the Storm Dragon.  It's a no compromises desktop, Lots of PCI Express slots, lots of memory slots and the ability to use the latest and greatest CPUs and GPUs on the market.  They are portable, they are convenient, but most of all they are powerful.